Responsibility Concept

The Group Corporation takes the development strategy as a guide. Combining the concept of social responsibility and the corporate culture, the corporation proposed a concept of three aspects: fulfill the responsibility, return to the society, develop sustainably.

To fulfill the responsibility --- Based on forestry, faced to society, the corporation takes diversified and integrated management as development strategy; adheres to the "going out" strategy, it takes part in economic cooperation and market competition actively; the corporation also takes ecological responsibility, cares for the global forest, follows the forestry industrial policy of the state, in order to enhance its economic, scientific and technological strength, stimulate and promote the development of forestry industry.

To return to the society--- The corporation shoulders the responsibility to guarantee national ecological safety, security and safety of wood species. It provides more and better products for the entire society, play the role of a leader and a model in forestry industry; It spreads the concept of environmental protection, promotes a low carbon lifestyle, and to serve the society.

To develop sustainably--- Taking Scientific Outlook on Development as guidance, the corporation increases investment on science and technology. Adhering to the strategy of sustainable development of forestry, it takes into account the interests of all parties, and promote harmonious development of society.