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Forest Products

1.Larch Timber.

A subsidiary of the corporation, Langfang Zhonglin Changle Glulam Limited Company produces Glulam products. Product Brand: CLAF glulam Origin: Langfang, Hebei Province

2.chip's production

The total amount of eucalyptus chips' production of Leizhou forestry bureau is 300,000 BDT per year. These products are mainly sold to Guangdong and Hainan.

3.Forest chemical products

The corporation’s subsidiary Guangdong Hualin Chemical Limited Company is one of the largest enterprises producing rosin. The main products of the company are rosin, turpentine and its deep-processed products, charcoal and petroleum resins. Hualin sells its products to clients throughout Asia, Europe and America.


Fujian Furen Wood Industry Co., Ltd., a joint stock company of the Group Corporation, has introduced the world's advanced level of production lines from abroad, such as MDF and HDF production lines, particleboard production line, melamine impregnated paper production lines, continuous roll method veneer production line, short cycle veneer production line, laminate flooring production line and AF drop aldehyde purification line which is the only one in Asia. It has already had the capacity of an annual output of 450,000 cubic meters of MDF and HDF, 450,000 cubic meters of particleboard, 5 million square meters of laminate flooring production, that made it one of China's large plywood conglomerates.

Larch Timber 木片生产
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