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Forest Service

1.Suifenhe Guolin Wood City Project

Under the support of the government of Heilongjiang Province and State Administration of Forestry, the project was approved by the State Council in January of 2013. Guolin Wood City project covers an area of 335,000 square meters, construction area of 290,000 square meters. Currently, it is a joint wood city with the largest wood processing, storage, and sale capacity, and owns the most advanced wood processing facilities.

2.Rizhao Port Logistics Base

Rizhao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd., established with shares of China Forest Product Corporation, has eight professional freight yard, piled up a total area of 2200 acres. In 2013, it import and export timber for 3,938,000 cubic meters, bulk for 50,360,000 tons.

3.The business of forest fire prevention equipment

The corporation provides forest fire prevention equipments for forestry fire prevention departments all through the country from central to local, including command cars, troop crawlers and other equipments.

4.Forestry product oil

The subsidiary of the corporation, China National Forestry Materials Corporation is a major provider of forestry product oil in China. It supplies varieties of oil to the state-owned forest regions in northeast, northwest and inner Mongolia, such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel.

Suifenhe Guolin Wood City Project Rizhao Port Logistics Base
The business of forest fire prevention equipment Forestry product oil