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1.Afforestation of Leizhou forestry bureau.

Leizhou forestry bureau, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation, has built the largest eucalyptus plantation in China, and has been called “the kingdom of eucalyptus”. The bureau operates an area of 790,000 Mu in total, on which the total standing timber volume is 2,380,000 cubic meters. The total amount of growth is 800,000 cubic meters per year, while the total amount of cut is 700,000 cubic meters. The products include timber, eucalyptus chip, medium density fiber board, rotary cut veneer, and improved seedling of eucalyptus. The bureau has formed a management system of researching, producing, processing, transporting and marketing.

2.Afforestation in Guangxi.

China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation, the subsidiary of the Group Corporation, owns a forest base of eucalyptus in the city Cenxi of Guangxi. This 300,000 Mu fast growing and high yielding forest base has begun to take shape.

3.Forests in North Island of New Zealand.

The subsidiary of the Group Corporation, China Forestry New Zealand Company owns 12 forest bases in North Island of New Zealand. These forest bases cover 170,000 Mu, with a total storage capacity of 6,900,000 cubic meters.

Afforestation of Leizhou forestry bureau Afforestation in Guangxi
Forests in North Island of New Zealand