Forest Products Trade

1.Timber trade

Wood is an important strategic resource of national economic construction. Adhering to the principle of reasonable use of and sustainable development of wood, the corporation has become the country's largest timber importer. The main sources of imports are Australia, the America, Africa and Russia. All kinds of timber trade in 2013 amounted to 6.46 million cubic meters.

2.Pulp and paper products

Two of the Corporation’s subsidiaries---China Forest Products Company and China National Forest Products Industry Company engage in the business of various kinds of paper and pulp products. Their sales volume in 2013 reached 460,000 tons.

3.Valuable Wood

China National Forest Products Industry Company is the only foreign company written on the national plan supply list of Myanmar. It has become a major supplier of precious wood to Myanmar, Africa and other countries and regions. The main varieties of the precious woods are: big leaf sandalwood, red wood, wood, pear, walnut, wenge, YE Tan, windmill wood, cloning and other valuable wood logs.

Timber trade Pulp and paper products
Valuable Wood